'Pandora of Weimar' - Pastel drawing by Declan Lee

Pen on paper drawing by CJ Hendry

The immense realism Hendry creates by scribbling on paper is overwhelming. Follow her on instagram for regular awe-inspiring progress shots, and keep an eye out for her website that launches mid April.

'I want more life, fucker' by Alec Huxley (2012)
36”x24”, Acrylic on canvas

The looming darkness almost smothers the two figures, but the little light depicted shows a human figure cradling death. This grim, but very familiar, juxtaposition is made most compelling by effective manipulation of light and shadow.

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by Diane Victor

This South African artist creates these gorgeous ghostly images by combining drawings with candle smoke on paper.

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Haunting Graphite Drawings by Ryan Salge

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Drawings by Nick Sheehy

The texture and select colour make these skull drawings nicely vibrant.

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Michael Creese, Mountain Lake (2014), oil on canvas.

People Who Look Dead But Probably Aren’t’ - A series of found photographs by Patrick Pound (2014)

Recently on display at the Stills Gallery, it shows a continuation of Pound’s projects involving collected vintage photographs. It calls to mind the work of Aby Warburg (Mnemosyne Atlas), and even Marcel Broodthaers (Department of Eagles). This quaint series is an interesting exploration of the manipulation of found objects, and the result is charming if not slightly unsettling.

Drawings by Nuria Riaza
From the series ‘Piedra, Papel, Tijeras’ (2013)

The beautifully rendered children’s faces are juxtaposed by the jagged objects that obscure them. The highlighting and soft detail are gorgeous and compelling, while the vacant or missing faces create a sinister quality.

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